Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I say let them go!

The argument  from the Tea Party and the new Right again and again positions itself as desiring Independence, but actually these "Representatives" and their Red states have been historically sucking from the Federal Trough more than any other ( states are paying much more of their taxable dollars to support these cranky recipients. I recommend, among others voicing similar opinions ( that what is missing from the dialogue is the reasonable argument that anybody who doesn't want their huge share of Federal dollars to keep their states viable should wholly forego them so the states who pay more than they get can use them to create the kind of dynamic culture they desire. It is apparent that all but one (Texas) of the states that pay more in taxes than they receive back in Federal support voted for Obama, and trends toward a dramatically more progressive approach to Government than the Tea Party and New Right states and their representatives.

I say let them go!

The decision can always be changed through the Congress, if they DARE. How Obama proposes this has to be extremely delicate because he actually will have to pretend that he really doesn't want this to happen so that they do it. Maybe he can get Michelle Bachman to come to the White House and bamboozle her to forward the bill through Congress. As a Presidential nominee she might get some traction to get it voted on. It could be called the "America Bill", and all that is asked is that those who want less government intervention, less Federal moneys and taxes, less dictatorial influence over their State's Rights, sign the dotted line.

Oh heaven, how that would be such a precious educational gift to both sides of the argument!

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