Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Reluctantly Pulling the Ballot for Obama

These are NOT the reasons I am voting for Obama:
1) He continues to perpetuate the false model of war changing the world constructively. As he kills one Osama Bin Laden after the other he creates fatherless and motherless sons and daughters riddled with confusion, hatred, and little to rely on for guidance other than more violent confusion. And also he ends up supporting a devilishly dangerous culture within America that is eager to finance war at any cost for national interest, private wealth, and territorial schemes and manipulate the most ignorant among us to accomplish these goals. Our foreign policy is almost indistinguishable from President George W. Bush's War on Terror. He has not protected out borders, our ports, not hired more police, nor are our national security computer information lines collaborative yet.
2) In the process of this wrong-minded perpetuation he also spends our national treasure in lives, expends our karma by killing hundreds of thousands in the name of a false concept of Liberty, and our money that could reasonably be spent more constructively to benefit not only America but all beings.
3) In the spending of our national wealth we are left virtually bankrupted of resource and money to facilitate creative ingenuity to relieve ourselves of Middle East ties to oil and natural resource depletion(this includes water and soil).
4) Instead of reliably arguing policy for creative ingenuity Obama has fundamentally acquiesced almost entirely to the most radical expression of the right wing, losing all ground for projects for green jobs, national train lines, and new concepts for engaging foreign aid instead of violence.
5) In the face of economic melt down at the hands of Wall Street Leaders, President Obama has perpetuated this cycle of manipulation for the rich, by the rich, at all costs for riches, at the expense of the least fortunate and ignorant, by keeping these same power players in positions of leadership in the White House. Summers, Geitner, Greenspan, people from GE and CHevrolet, etc...All the while the President suggests to the American people that he cares about the middle class and their pensions and investments. It is a sham. He has initiated  virtually no banking regulation, has put no one in jail, accomplished little by buoying up the car industry...It is ceaselessly saddening to see the cycle of such corruption being positioned in Orwellian fashion by our President as Change we can believe in.
6) I can go on and on, about the capitulation to the Health Care Industry, the lack of spine when confronting weapons sales to Israel and others, his inability to fight for a woman's right to equal pay, for gay marriage rights, and ineptitude to protect our food sources and water from poisonous chemicals and maltreatment.

I will vote for him because we don't have another option. He is far superior to any Republican or Libertarian candidate. If anything, the republicans will perpetuate this American decline even faster with ever more perilous outcome to those who are least fortunate among us. HOW SAD!

We can list a few things Obama has done and continues to do with merit.
1)He has given more federal money to continued education, two yr colleges, and community colleges. 2)His Wall street bail out actually created a small fiscal return despite the fact that, again, no one has been brought up for trial, and unemployment due to the collapse has not been rectified, no penalties strictly enforced or monies seized since. Federal gov't actually made money from the bailouts. Of course so did all the companies.....
3)He continues to be a symbol to many of color all around the world of hard work and achievement being realized. I am afraid he is becoming more of a Dorian Gray figure to my eyes.
4) I think his attempts to befriend and legitimize India as a full working partner in the Modern World is good for everyone.

 I actually agree with certain tenets by some others in the political field, but they mostly are relegated to the fringe, a laughing stock for being too brazen toward our "American way of life" which should and can only be understood as code for manipulation for the rich and powerful at the expense of the least fortunate.

So I reluctantly will pull the ballot for Obama. I will not give money. I will not make phone calls. I will not seriously advocate for him, although I will advocate, very likely, against his opposition and the current fascist regime of the right wing in this country.

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