Friday, March 11, 2011


The distance to the bottom of the ocean seems equidistant to the top of the sky.
She knows
In her head
The sky reaches beyond the blue,
Even past the night stars.
She closes her eyes feeling the density of the world surrounding her,
Slightly pulling at her.
She arks her body
Raising her sternum to stay afloat
Just to the surface of the great sea.
A deep breath sucking in the sweet sky and the sun
Also reminds her of her place, her location,
in some seasonal tide
that moves from one named place
to another named place
All land masses too far to see
“Too far to swim…..”
She thinks “I am the land, my body the shore, moved by the tide, whittling me down,
And building me up again!”
And it was so.

She breathes in the days and the nights
in and out of dream and waking
Sustained only by the fullness of the quiet.

After awhile the little nibbles from below don’t distract her
Her equilibrium becomes skillful in the roughest storm and the largest waves.
She happily sips from the rain
And feeds on the sunshine while trying to look squarely into it’s radiance for as long as she can…smiling…
White light fills her eyes, bright rose under her lids,
“The color of my beating heart…” she murmurs to herself.

She imagines her heart surrounded by a golden crown rising high on towering stems.
Emerald green shoots, rooted to the center of the earth,
hurtle her beating heart towards the sky,
to the edge of the atmosphere,
into the ether.
And the cold of space doesn’t bother her blood rose heart nor her vehicle…
And the green leaves intertwining her heart,
the One she sees under her eyelids enveloped by a golden crown,
turn into wings
with red,
blood red,
And she sees herself with the moon and the stars in her hair, white light in her eyes.
And she sees herself with each end of the never-ending universe in the palms of her hands and her legs open with the center of the earth…
a fiery hot orb below
in the inky blackness of a vast ocean with no horizon.
“I have reached the shore” she whispers.
And her lips never move.
There is no weight in her limbs,
no sky to breathe,
and just a slight warmth on the tip of her mind.

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