Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I am a bear in the forest
I am a bird taking flight
I am a bee in a red flower
I am a word on the page
I am a falling leaf from a maple tree
The tree itself
I am the stormy sea
I am a dog by your side
I am a cat in the window
I am a squid from the deep with a big eye
I am all that
I am the stars that shine in space
The memory of a precious face
I am an ant among many
I am a snake in the grass
I am a Lion on green hill
I am an earthquake
I am the tears coming from your eyes
The pink from the setting sun in the sky
I am a painted elephant
I am a wolf seen in the distance
I am a deer in your backyard
I am the proof
I am the whisper of something more
The awareness of an open door
And so much more
I am the sun
I am the moon
I am the stillness in a room
I am the wind at your back
I am the Spring
The green shoots from the branches in the trees
I am the sparkle on the river
I am the pearl in the oyster’s mouth
I am the oyster
And the knife
I am your husband
and I am your wife
I am your daughter
I am your son
I am a field of summer flowers
I am also your gun
I am the blood you see in the dead
The ache in your head
The last breath
The sun in your eyes
I am the space between raindrops
And the quiet in your mind
I am all the distraction of this world
I am the unspoken and confidence shared between friends
I am the textures in your head
And the ground beneath the feet
I am Siddhartha’s begging bowl
And Padmasambhava’s Tiger
I am Jesus’s cross
I am the cow on a New Delhi street
All of this I am for you
With all my heart I change my form so your mind might illuminate the world some more!

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