Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Give the people what they want

After hearing two years of all the complaints about the exceedingly liberal, socialist agenda of the Obama administration I have begun to understand the point of view of our Red state compatriots, and I actually feel sorry that they have suffered so much under a rule of law that they believe has hamstrung their Liberty so greatly. I have a solution. I haven’t come up with a proper acronym or slogan yet. I was thinking of calling it People’s Prosperity Opportunity…but the directive is clear: “Give the people what they want.”

I would like to propose a program that would empower states more and to establish their citizen’s constitutional rights to have what they really want. These Red state cultures don’t want taxes, they don’t want government interference with their way of life, they want more autonomy to fashion their own ideal of American Independence and Values. I say let all states sign on a dotted line and choose the form of government they want.

This State Freedom Act (I like the sound of this) would of course empower both sides of the political philosophical divide equally.

The Red states would keep all state tax money within their state and pockets. They of course would receive absolutely no federal money for subsidization of anything as a result of this great Liberty. They would finally have a real free market society! Yay! What’s really great is that they will be able define their own culture of how to pay for health care, education, police and fireman, supporting the businesses they want or don’t want, roads and bridges. They can have as many guns and as much ammunition as they can carry, bring them to church and schools, hunt and fish in the city centers if they want. They can deregulate their own businesses to encourage growth. These great Red states can live and prosper with their own hard work and fortitude, encouraging bootstrap pulling and integrity and values.

The Blue states will pay their own Federal taxes as they always have, establishing a Blue federation of states, and liberal places like New York and California, Oregon and Massachusetts, won’t have to pay thirty cents of every tax dollar to support red states as they have which is really great. They will be much richer keeping money within their Federation borders, and instead of subsidizing huge businesses in the Independent Red states they can use that money to establish a Great Society Citizen Well Being, providing Universal Health Care, ever more money to schools, developing an energy efficient culture, and establishing new models for healthy organic local agriculture. Blue states would have an even greater opportunity to create the kind of culture they have been prevented from establishing because of so much conflict between states. They can regulate business to provide greater public safety and health and encourage new concepts of progress and productivity. Food would be so much cheaper locally because we wouldn’t be financing big agribusiness elsewhere…. and more…

Of course we would still be the “United States of America”, but Red State citizens would have to submit ID to enter Blue States, like entering another country. There would be no guns allowed, and a very large fee would have to be paid upon entering to provide for that Red State citizens blue state benefits (health care, police, fire, roads, food safety, energy, etc etc), which is only fair. Interstate – Federation Commerce could still be realized, but, of course, any money made by Red State citizens in Blue Federation State territory would necessarily be heavily taxed before it was released.

All in all I think it’s a wonderful idea to let people live the way they really want. Red States would be richer in Liberty if not in wealth. They have largely been the greatest recipients of the Liberal Agenda of Socialized Government over these many decades, and they don’t want it or like it. Blue States have been very generously giving a large proportion of their tax moneys to the poorer states, subsidizing businesses that would otherwise fail and infrastructure in other states, and they could now apply their money as well as their Liberal Moral Values to their own constituents ever more realizing the Great Society so many Blue State residents aspire to.

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